The number of terrestrial animal species found in Komodo  National park is not high, but the area is important from a conservation perspective as some species are endemic. Many of the mammals are Asiatic in origin. Some of the reptiles and birds are Australian in origin. These includes the orange-footed scrubfowl, the lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo and the nosy friarbird. The most famous of Komodo National Park’s animals is the Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis). It is the world’s largest living lizard and can reach 3 m or more in length and weigh over 90 kg. Other animals include the Timor deer, the main prey of the Komodo dragon, wild horses, (water buffalo, wild boar, long-tailed macaques, palm civets, and fruit bats.  Also beware of the snakes inhabiting the island, including the cobra and Russel’s pit viper, both of which are extremely dangerous. As far as the marine fauna is concerned, Komodo National Park includes one of the world’s richest marine environments. It consists of over 260 species of reef building coral, 70 species of sponges, crustaceans, cartilaginous (including manta ray and sharks) over 1,000 species of bony fishes, marine reptiles (including sea turtles), and marine mammals (dolphins, whales, and dugongs).

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